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I’ve been having a few issues recently, people have been claiming my videos as their own copyright… It’s been going on for a while so I’ve been making the videos private on youtube or just deleting them so that people can’t claim advert revenue on my videos.

Don’t get me wrong, I use peoples music etc BUT I don’t monetise so the owners still get the money where applicable but some videos have been getting claimed & there is no music at all – just my content & there’s fuck all I can do about it, I’m very sure YouTube know and it’s possibly them doing it…

This isn’t going to stop me uploading to YouTube as I make my money by working on your toys but it did get me thinking… & ticking…

So… I’m taking the patreon route.

I’m still going to do YouTube vids where you fuckers can get the usual tripe I come out with, but I’ll also be adding lengthy videos to Patreon each week that will be totally seperate content to YouTube.

Why you ask?

Well… I get free shit from a few people but I’m not really meant to destruction test them or raffle them off for charity.

But as soon as a new ‘thing’ is announced, people ask me if it’s good – & unless somebody sends me a busted one, I’ll never know as most of the new shit that comes out is just that, SHIT!

So I figured, fuck it – what if I could raise the revenue using Patreon to but the new ‘thing’ & go through it bit by bit in order to give a thumbs up or thumbs down…. & then either destroy it or raffle it for charity?

I can’t (won’t) do that with my earnings but if it’s not my dollar, who says I can’t destroy or raffle something for a better cause?

So…. My Patreon is launched, Negative Airsoft: Brand Enforcer.
It’ll contain a lot more content than my usual uploads & will have a large amount of new material only available there.

I don’t expect to earn a fortune & fuck yes I’ll keep whatever amount of the of the money because a 30 minute video takes between a goof few hours of my time dependant on the complexity of the video – if there’s 3 hours of footage, It’ll take me at least three hours to make.

Again, this won’t stop my usual YouTube fuckery, but hopefully this will give us all what we want – more of me & help a charity out or break someything expensive wilst putting a few quid in my alchohol fund.

Don’t want in? Fair, I don’t pay for the shit I watch either, but £4 a month (4 uploads per month minimum so a quid a video) hopefully won’t hurt your bank balance – or just don’t bother, you know me, I’m easy.

So join me, or dont, up to you.

First video is up now unless I fucked something up….

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