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This little sucker is really holding its own.

I’ve used a few in builds for friends & I’ve destruction tested a few did so far, they hold up.

Today I hard wired a Perun ETU++ into one, replacing all the existing wires on the mosfet and it’s still unphased.

For normal V3 AEGS I’m still using the Aster V3 but for a gun the requires locking to semi, this is ideal as the selector plate is unable to press the third switch (which gives full auto) which therefore means it’s locked mechanically and as such is safer than simply misfet locking to semi which most sites won’t allow.

I’ve managed to use these in smaller hybrid v3 based aegs also as the unit is so small it csn squeeze into gearboxes that the usual optical units cannot…

Unfortunately in other news, I’m currently unable to wank, so truly a perfect day doesn’t exist if you can’t take part in your favorite passtime in celebration of a good days work.

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