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Next Saturday (August 7th) I’ll be taking on new jobs.

In the past week or so I’ve taken a few small jobs on as ‘hour fillers’, some tasks don’t take more than an hour & if it gets people back in the game & fills an hour of time, I’ll take them on.

Most people want “the fuckin’ works” done and that takes a while.

Although I’ll be taking jobs on, it won’t be many so get in there as soon as you can but there are a few rules:

1 – I’m not going to dig through the 150 messages I get a week for the last month to see if people still need the job done, I’ve had a LOT of people kicking my tyres with “please work on my TM recoil” or “I only have 20 quid” or even better “I want all the upgrades, give me every price breakdown you can think of & I may get back to you” bollocks so it’ll be fresh messages only.

2 – S A T U R D A Y 7TH !!!

3 – If you send me anything to work on, you must understand that it could be a good 12 weeks before I’ll get to your toy on a first received, first on the list basis.

Please refrain from contacting me every few days to ask “how long” once you’ve sent it.
Please also understand that if you send me something & try to sell me a sob story about how your mate booked you into a game and you need your job done sooner I’ll simply return your package, untouched at your expense.

It sucks that I need to put rules in but it’s all about available time to me – whilst I’m dicking around with nagging emails, I’m not working & that slows me down.

Arranging with 80 plus people knowing that I’ll not be taking half that amount of work on is more frustrating for both the potential customer & myself than it needs to be.

Emails will get answered between 9-10am Monday-Friday & then I start work building & fixing.

I’m sure you understand.

Oh I’m sure I’ll have a few people with suggestions on a better way to organise whose job is first, I’ll be ignoring those suggestions as they normally entail a way that the person suggesting gets a sooner slot or I need to do more paperwork… me no stoopehd.

Much love gwan.

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