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But they can be the most frustrating task you’re ever likely to take on.

Take the SNOW WOLF PULSE RIFLE for example.

Inside is just a simple M1A1 Tommy gun, simple to take down, simple to work on – a little piece of bliss.

Then wrapped around it is the Pulse Rifle kit itself.

Again, not hard but fuck my infected throat is it frustrating!

This is only the second I’ve had to work on in years & it’s just as I remember it.

Waiting to have assembled every single part of the kit to see if it works.

The wires, my days the fucking wires.

Did you know that the wiring looms in one of these is SOOOOO LOOOOONG that a 7.4v battery fails to power a warhead motor?

Fuse removed, all breaks removed and a slow struggle to power the gun…

I’m not surprised this came to me locked up, there isn’t enough energy in most small batteries to power it…

Not difficult but many hours spent trouble shooting.

if you plug the lipo directly into the gearbox without the loom, perfect.

With the loom… fuck all.

Very annoying.

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