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14 hours.

A lot can be achieved in 14 hours.

Think about how many times you can take a gearbox out of an M4 & strip it in a single hour & times it by 14.

I’ve found a devastating fault with the G&P MK23 NAVY Stoner & it’s bad.

It’ll be covered in full in my next Patreon video but I’ll be covering it in a YouTube video also.

G&P have a lot to answer for…

The picture shows a standard G&G blue rubber next to the G&P black rubber from the stoner.

The two barrels are both G&P but the top is the MK23 Stoner & the bottom is an M16A1…

Their barrel, rubber & hop unit are all proprietary & no, changing them causes bad jams & this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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