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Today I had to fit a perun hybrid v2 & hop rubber in a Cyma Platinum CM.098B.

I started at around 10:15.

At 17:00 I decided to call it a day.

  • 2x busted pistons
  • 2x busted spur gears
  • 1x busted bevel gear
  • 1x burnt out warhead motor
  • 1x busted pinion gear
  • 1x blown bushing

During my hundreds of disassembling procedures I found within an ‘used, sold used by a collector unskirmished’ aeg, I found:

  • 1x damaged nozzle
  • 1x cracked hop unit
  • 1x burned black motor
  • 1x cracked pistol grip
  • Spring guide held in with masking tape.

Now, excusing the nature of what I found, I’m sure you’d agree that if I of all people go through that much hassle to fit a mosfet & hop rubber, surely it’s obvious the gun has lived a fuckin’ severe life…

…and yes, the gun is still fucked & will be staying fucked forever.

I’m sure if you know me, how offended I am by this…

Aside from obvious butchery, looks like the casing was off spec… but I’m still pissed off.

it’s very rare that a Cyma is this bad but shiiiiit…

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