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My day I mean.

You can pick your battles, it’s why I won’t work on certain guns (gas shotguns, Vector AEGs etc) because the outcome will be costly, minimal improvement & likely for a short amount of time before they shit the bed again

Today I had a BOLT aeg & an M40 springer to repair.

The Bolt was so bad inside & out that I was instructed to dispose of it… looked like a gen 1, very old & very fucked.

Desperate to get some cash in, I attempted a repair of an M40… nope, VFC STRIKES AGAIN!

No matter which parts, made by whom, it’s a write off – I can’t lose any more time.

Doesn’t feed ammo, trigger sticks, cylinder has left to right slop that WELL would scoff at.

Typical VFC again – let’s have a proprietary feeding mech, mag & loading gate.


Maybe tomorrow will be better…

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