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Here’s the issue.

If nobody takes a thing apart, nobody knows the truth of why it doesn’t work.

Once it’s taken apart, there is no warranty…

So let’s think about it.

This is why “they” keep getting away with it.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times an item has come to me from a retailer that is used/repaired/fucked.

The CYMA AKSU with a melted deans on it & sling point rubs.

The G&G MBR .308 with an SHS hop unit…

The Steyr with no screws holding the gearbox plate in…

Many others but now a JG G3 with a missing bushing, splayed & threadbare gearbox casing & cut spring.

There’s no warranty… I took it apart.

I voided the warranty.

But I’m NOT letting the fuckers get away with it this time…

Expect a call tomorrow…

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