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Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean you’ll have an easy ride.

This is a £450 Classic Army with completely ‘upgraded’ (cringe) internals & retro arms hop unit.

Literally NOTHING inside this is classic army any more – which is why it wasn’t working & came to me.

Now it would be easy to say that the issue was with the retro arm hop unit that didn’t line up & once fitted correctly dropped 300fps but the facts are that if you change everything in the gun with mismatched brands of parts, no matter how much they cost or how good they are, there’s a good chance they won’t work together.

Only solution was a bull gear hop unit which also needed modifying to feed & even fit in the outer barrel which also needed modifying but no power loss at the end.

It also looks ace in black & OD.

Guy legit should have purchased an A&K from the start…

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